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The Benefits of Frequent Positive Affect: Does Happiness Lead to Success?

Разное (Автор: stranger)

Research on well-being consistently reveals that the characteristics and resources valued by society correlate with happiness. For
example, marriage (Mastekaasa, 1994), a comfortable income at https://optimist.pw/
(Diener & Biswas-Diener, 2002), superior mental health
(Koivumaa-Honkanen et al., 2004), and a long life (Danner, Snowdon, & Friesen, 2001) all covary with reports of high happiness
levels. Such associations between desirable life outcomes and
happiness have led most investigators to assume that success
makes people happy. This assumption can be found throughout the
literature in this area. For example, Diener, Suh, Lucas, and Smith
(1999) reviewed the correlations between happiness and a variety
of resources, desirable characteristics, and favorable life circumstances. Although the authors recognized that the causality can be
bidirectional, they frequently used wording implying that cause
flows from the resource to happiness. For example, they suggested
that marriage might have “greater benefits for men than for
women” (p. 290), apparently overlooking the possibility that sex
differences in marital patterns could be due to differential selection
into marriage based on well-being. Similarly, after reviewing links
between money and well-being, Diener and his colleagues pointed
out that “even when extremely wealthy individuals are examined,
the effects [italics added] of income are small” (p. 287), again
assuming a causal direction from income to happiness. We use
quotes from one of us to avoid pointing fingers at others, but such
examples could be garnered from the majority of scientific publications in this area. The quotes underscore the pervasiveness of the
assumption among well-being investigators that successful outcomes foster happiness. The purpose of our review is not to
disconfirm that resources and success lead to well-being—a notion
that is likely valid to some degree. Our aim is to show that the
alternative causal pathway—that happy people are likely to acquire favorable life circumstances—is at least partly responsible
for the associations found in the literature.

4-01-2022, 10:29, просмотров: 180
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